Brief introduction of cheap wood pellet mill

With the popularization of environmental protection concept and saving concept, wood pellet mill has been recognized by more and more people. If you want to use the sawdust pellet machine well, you must have an understanding of the sawdust pellet machine. Today, RichiI Machinery will briefly introduce the cheap wood pellet mill for you.

1. Introduction of cheap wood pellet mill

Generally, cheap wood pellet mill consists of conditioner, iron removing device, wood pelletizer assembly and feeding port assembly equipped with overload safety door. Each sawdust granulator is equipped with the following safety devices: V-belt guard, granulation chamber door limit switch, function: when the granulation chamber door is opened, the main motor is powered off, and the cheap wood pellet mill cannot be accidentally started during maintenance, safety pin limit switch, function: When the machine is overloaded and the safety pin is cut, all motors on the machine are powered off.

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In order to obtain high-efficiency and high-quality granules through the cheap wood pellet mill, the correct ring die and pressing roller must be selected. They are the heart of the sawdust pellet machine. The ring die is made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel, and the pressure roller is mainly composed of eccentric shaft, pressure roller shell, bearing spacer ring and other components.

Richi Machinery can provide the corresponding ring die and pressing roller according to the user’s needs and use environment.

The feeder of the cheap wood pellet mill is fed from the upper chute, and the valve at the inclined bottom of the chute is equipped with a magnet, which can easily and quickly remove iron-containing impurities in the material. The lower part is equipped with an overload safety door.

When the main motor is overloaded, the safety door can be manually opened to discharge the material. The conditioner of the cheap wood pellet mill can be equipped with a thermometer or a temperature sensor. The thermometer is installed on the outlet side of the steam conditioner, and the temperature of the incoming material can be directly observed.

The cheap wood pellet mill adopts the frequency converter to control the feeding amount of the screw conveyor, which basically can realize no speed regulation; it can also adjust the feeding amount in time and at any time according to the load of the main motor of the cheap wood pellet mill.

Moreover, when the main motor is overloaded, manually open the overload valve, the excess material can be removed in time, and the load of the pelletizing chamber can be reduced.

Richi Machinery has been focusing on the research and development and production of biomass pellet machines, wood pellet mill machines, sawdust pellet machines, wood pellet mill production lines and other products for many years.

All products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and EU CE Certification, has reached the international advanced level.

2. The application prospect of cheap wood pellet mill

Wood processing enterprises such as woodware factories, board processing factories, and door factories produce a large amount of shavings every day. Many bosses treat the shavings as waste, which wastes a lot of resources. In fact, the existence of this situation is ultimately due to a lack of deeper understanding of leftovers such as wood shavings.

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The remaining products of wood processing such as shavings and sawdust are biomass materials. The so-called biomass energy is actually a form of energy in which plants convert solar energy into plants and store them through photosynthesis. Biomass energy is a special kind of energy that exists globally. The reserves are huge and there is huge development and utilization space.

Biomass energy is also a renewable and environmentally friendly new energy. Now the country is vigorously promoting the development and utilization of biomass energy. At present, the utilization of new energies such as hydropower, wind power, and solar power has begun to appear on a scale.

However, these new energies cannot fully meet the current energy demand. Oil, coal and other energies still play an important role in energy supply. Research data shows that the total reserves of fossil energy can only maintain human energy demand for less than 200 years, which is not a long-term solution.

Therefore, during the 14th Five-Year Energy Plan, the National Energy Administration specifically emphasized the need to increase the promotion of biomass energy.

So how to realize the energy value of biomass energy such as wood shavings? This is about the cheap wood pellet mill. The cheap wood pellet mill can compress biomass energy such as shavings into biomass energy pellets to replace the original fossil energy. After the coal ban, there is a huge energy gap.

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Now many regions across the country have begun to vigorously promote biomass energy pellets to make up for the energy gap after the coal ban. In this environment, the sawdust pellet machine has a place where it shines.

3. Cheap wood pellet mill product advantages:

(1) Biomass pellets based on various raw materials such as sawdust, straw, chaff, etc. can be produced;

(2) High output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong machine fatigue resistance, continuous production, economical and durable;

(3) Various molding technologies such as cold-press molding and extrusion molding are used, and the oil polishing and shaping process makes the biomass pellets beautiful in appearance and compact in structure;

(4) The whole cheap wood pellet mill adopts special high-quality materials and advanced connecting shaft transmission device. The key components are made of high-quality alloy steel and wear-resistant materials, and the service life is prolonged by 5-7 times.

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