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Gas vs pellets from biomass pellet mill

1.Gas vs pellets from biomass pellet mill

What is the difference between natural gas and rice husk pellets from the biomass pellet mill? We can comprehensively analyze and compare the differences between the two from many aspects.

(1)First of all, the combustion value of natural gas is 9000 calories, and the combustion value of rice husk pellet made by biomass pellet mill is 4200 calories. Natural gas is 3.6 yuan per cubic meter, and the combustion cost of one ton of pellets is about 900-1200 yuan.

Assuming that a ton boiler burns 600,000 calories in one hour, the natural gas and pellets that need to be burned are 66 cubic meters and 140 kilograms, respectively. Let’s calculate according to the previous: take China as example: the cost of natural gas is 237.6 yuan, and the cost of pellets made by biomass pellet mill machine is 126 yuan. Using natural gas costs twice as much as biomass pellets!

Rice husk pellets made by biomass pellet mill, as a new type of pellet fuel, not only have economic advantages but also have environmental protection benefits, and are more in line with the requirements of sustainable development. The shaped pellet fuel has a large specific gravity, a small volume, and is resistant to combustion, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

(2)Second, natural gas, like many fossil fuels, is a non-renewable resource. It’s gone when it’s used up. Biomass pellets are processed products of rice husks, straws and trees, crop straws and trees, and even bark palm pomace can be processed into pellets, which are renewable resources.

(3)Finally, the carbon dioxide released when biomass pellets made by biomass pellet mill are burned is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions released by plants during photosynthesis, which is almost negligible. Not to mention the pollution of the atmosphere. The combustion of natural gas has a great impact on the environment.

The above is the difference between natural gas and rice husk pellets from the biomass pellet mill. Richi Machinery is a good performance biomass wood pellet machine manufacturer specializing in the biomass pellet mill for sale, if you are interested in our wood biomass pellet prodcution plant projects and solutions, please leave your needs and email, WhatsApp and other contact information, our sales staff will provide professional answers and corresponding product pictures, videos and quotations.

2.Why the rice husk biomass pellet mill is not formed?

Summarize the reasons why the rice husk biomass pellet mill is not formed:

(1)The moisture content of raw materials.

To make straw pellets, the moisture content of the raw material is a very important indicator. The water content is generally required to be below 20%. Of course, this value is not absolute, and the requirements for different raw materials are different.

For our biomass pellet mill like pine, fir and eucalyptus, the moisture content is 13%~17%, and the rice husk moisture content is 10%-15%. For specific requirements, you can contact our staff for targeted answers.

(2)The raw material

Different raw materials such as straw and paper scraps have different properties, different fiber structures, and different degrees of difficulty in forming. Straw, rice husks, sawdust are all different.

(3)The ratio between the mixtures.

When pressing mixed pellets, the mixing ratio of various components also affects the molding rate.

Rice husk biomass pellet mill brings profit to customers. A few years ago, many regions have begun to pay great attention to biomass energy. Biomass energy is a clean and renewable energy source with high utilization rate and no air pollution. Species discarded by people are very popular now, because it is a kind of biomass energy material, which can be reused through rice husk biomass pellet mill, used for power generation and heating, and used for heating in winter, and has become the darling of heating.

Although the heat generated by crop stalks is lower than that of scattered coal, it is a clean substance with little pollution, and it is a treasure in the eyes of fuel sellers.

The emergence of the rice husk biomass pellet mill machine solves the problems of difficult rice husk processing and is suitable for the current development environment of our country.

3.How to control moisture in biomass pellet mill?

(1)The moisture requirements of the raw materials are relatively strict during the forming process of the rice husk biomass pellet mill. It is better to control the range value around 15%. If the moisture is too large or too small, the raw materials will not be formed, or even the molding will not be good.

(2)Compression ratio of abrasives of rice husk biomass pellet mill. The best solution for the abrasive compression ratio of the rice husk biomass pellet machine is to select the critical point for processing raw materials. But the control of this critical point requires personnel to tailor the mold compression ratio for you. Choosing different compression ratios of abrasives according to different raw materials is an important means to control the quality of biomass pellets.

4.Development of biomass pellet mill

What bottlenecks are encountered in the development of biomass fuel for biomass pellet mill?

(1)Traditional granulation technology with high granulation cost

(2)The understanding of biomass granules is not deep enough. Most people do not know enough about the high energy, environmental protection and easy-to-use characteristics of biomass granules. Even many energy-consuming units do not know that there are biomass granules products.

(3)The service supporting measures cannot keep up. After the biomass energy pellet products are produced, the transportation, storage, supply and other service measures cannot keep up, and it is inconvenient for users to use. The above problems will still be encountered during the development of biomass fuels, but we will continue to overcome them and welcome a better tomorrow for biomass fuels.

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